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Cape Disappointment (not aptly named)

Clock_dark over 4 years ago

These days, it's difficult to find the time to post personal photographic adventures (le sigh), but a recent camping weekend on the southern Washington coast was too beautiful not to share. We spent time with some of our closest friends, played on the beach and witnessed one of the prettiest sunsets I've ever seen. Here's a mishmash of photos from our adventure.

Feeling motivated..

Clock_dark over 4 years ago

I just celebrated the one year anniversary of my photography business at the end of February, so receiving my first award feels like icing on the cake.

A big thank you to Two Bright Lights for helping me be in the top 5% of members worldwide to be published on the web, and cheers to year two and all of the wonderful clients, adventures and growth it will bring!


Clock_dark almost 5 years ago

Captured at Blowing Rocks Preserve in Hobe Sound, FL as part of an assignment for a class with The DEFINE School.


Clock_dark almost 5 years ago

I recently had the pleasure of traveling with Monika, the owner and designer of Favor jewelry, to the great city of Chicago. I helped her work the Renegade Craft Fair, and it was a delight to see all the handmade goods from around the country (I scooped up a few things for myself and my mister). We stayed nearby in Wicker Park, which I loved, but after a day spent downtown I was absolutely smitten. The architecture!! Good lord...

Winter on Sauvie Island

Clock_dark almost 6 years ago

A few weekends ago, Kyle and I drove north to the outer limits of Portland to capture the strange, foggy weather encapsulating the city. After a detour in Forest Park, we drove down to Sauvie Island where the fog seemed to be the thickest. I photographed Kyle (the old leather chair makes another cameo in this photo set) with the most eerie backdrop I have seen in quite awhile.

Man in the Woods

Clock_dark almost 6 years ago

I'm always amazed that my husband, Kyle, will go along with the shenanigans I dream up in my head. (Check this out for a good example.) When he agreed to carry a small but rather heavy chair into Forest Park to be photographed on, I was incredibly excited.

What can I say? The man looks great in the woods.