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Baby Penelope

Clock_dark about 5 years ago

I'm not yet a mother, so when I get to spend time with a new little babe and their family, I get a glimpse into a world that fills me with awe.

Penelope was one month old when I had the pleasure of snapping these photographs. It was inspiring to watch her first-time parents comfort and care for her during my visit, and I'm honored I was able to capture these meaningful moments for this new family.

Silas Ryder

Clock_dark over 5 years ago

I had been waiting to photograph baby Silas since he was in the womb. Seeing his sweet little face in person was the absolute best. Here he is in his home with his proud first-time parents. Enjoy!

You can also check out a few snapshots I took of him with my AE-1 here on my blog. He wasn't fond of the noise this camera makes (it's at least 30 years old), so I only got three.

Kelsey's Cozy Maternity Photos

Clock_dark over 5 years ago

I've known Kelsey and Nick for years, and they are both such wonderful people. When Kelsey asked me to take her maternity photos, I felt incredibly honored. The photo shoot took place in the master bedroom and nursery of their lovely home in Portland, OR. Kelsey wanted a cozy vibe during the shoot, so we spent a couple of hours catching up, laughing, and taking natural, relaxed photos. Even their cat, Elle, joined in on the fun!

I can't wait to meet their little one, Silas, in the very near future. With these two as parents he's bound to be one happy baby boy.