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Bali // 35mm film

Clock_dark over 3 years ago

I think this film was processed more quickly than my brain has been able to process everything that happened on this trip. I really don't even know where to begin...

I've been wanting to travel to Asia for a long time. A decade? Longer? I had always assumed I would go to India (for yoga) or Thailand (because everyone goes to Thailand), but Bali, or Indonesia in general, had never been on my radar.

I kid you not, I woke up in the morning about two months ago, and my first thought was, "I should buy a ticket to Bali." So I did. THEN I spent the rest of my day actually researching it (thank goodness it wasn't going to be monsoon season!), and I embarked on my two week journey a month and a half later.

I brought an old 35mm Canon AE-1 and shot Portra 400 the entire trip. I truly love the imperfect nature of film, particularly on an imperfect camera. Hell, I even lost an entire roll due to it being jostled in a motorbike accident (I prefer the story over that roll of film any day, but sadly my time at the ashram is not documented).

Honestly, there really isn't much more I can say because I'm still thinking about everything, but here are some snaps that hopefully do it justice.

Dolly + Kenny

Clock_dark about 5 years ago

Halloween 2013 was one of my favorites in years. I attended a "Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers" theme party (!!!). Everyone's interpretation of these two icons was hilarious and impressive, and I captured the evening with a vintage Polaroid camera. You have to love The Impossible Project for creating film that works in these retro pieces of technology.

Sweet side note: I won the costume contest for best Dolly. Check out me with the winning Kenny here on Instagram.

The gracious hosts.

Polaroid Colorpack

Clock_dark over 5 years ago

I just came across these polaroid images I took during the (very short) Portland winter. The photos make me nostalgic for grey, rainy days, and a part of me feels slighted that we didn't get more of them this year.

St. Johns Bridge

Clock_dark almost 6 years ago

I know every Portlander makes this claim, but the St. Johns Bridge truly is my favorite in the city.

Taken with my Canon AE-1 using 400 ISO black and white film.

Capturing The Ace

Clock_dark almost 6 years ago

The Ace Hotel in downtown Portland has forever been one of my favorite hangout spots. Our wedding reception was held in it's event space, The Cleaners. We even stayed in one of their hotel rooms on our two year wedding anniversary. So, spending time in any part of it, including its lobby, always feels comforting.

Photographed using my Canon AE-1 Program with 400 ISO black and white film.

Urban Film

Clock_dark almost 6 years ago

Skywalker and I took a stroll around town a few weekends ago and captured the gritty, industrial side of Portland.

Photographed using my Minolta 110 aka Skywalker.