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The Bushong's // Sauvie Island Family Photo Session

Clock_dark about 3 years ago

I rarely photograph families these days. It's not that I don't love doing it, but it requires a certain kind of patience and letting-go, because frankly, the kids are in charge.

To really capture a family I feel like I need to know them. I want the session to feel like a "hang out" with the parents while the children run around and I secretly click the button on my camera. This is when the magic happens.

It's always like this with these four, and it's why I'm always excited to photograph them.

Don't get me wrong, this can absolutely happen with a family I've just met, and it does all the time, but there is a special magic to building a relationship, and every time I photograph these four there's proof to that.

The Bushong's // Introducing Felix Ames // NE Portland Family Photography

Clock_dark over 3 years ago

And then there were four...

I'm so damn lucky to have this family in my life.

Kelsey and Nick are two people I've known since I moved to Portland years ago. We've worked together, "grown up," watched each other change.. thrive, settle into ourselves.

They've also been believers in me as a photographer from the very beginning. They trusted me with capturing their lives and most important moments, even when I had no idea what I was doing.

Grateful doesn't even begin to sum it up.

The Bushong's // NE Portland Family Photo Session

Clock_dark almost 5 years ago

Oh man.. how much do I love these three!? I've captured Kelsey's growing belly, and I had the pleasure of photographing Silas when he was new to the world, as well.

Now that this little man is 9 months old, he's cuter than ever, and I feel lucky to have been able to get another glimpse into their world. You can also keep up with their family and get some amazing health food recipes on Kelsey's blog.

Jess, Matt + Jax // Vancouver Family Photo Session

Clock_dark almost 5 years ago

It's easy for time to get away from me (Hello, 2014!), and sometimes I realize I've been holding onto amazing photographs that really should be posted. Case in point: this family photo session.

Jessica, Matt and Jax were all three in a wedding party that I shot last summer, so photographing them as a family felt like a natural progression after getting to know them. They reside in Vancouver, WA, a town I'm not incredibly familiar with, so it was fun touring some downtown spots that Jess had picked out for the shoot. As you will see, the day went swimmingly.