Christy Cassano-Meyer, Wedding & Lifestyle Photography

Sarah + Erik // Pearl District Engagement

Clock_dark about 2 years ago

Lattes, leather pants and blissful love. Two people never made the change of seasons look so good!

I love these two, and I can't wait to shoot their wedding in Switzerland next Summer.

Manzanita, Oregon // Styled Elopement + Retreat

Clock_dark about 2 years ago

Earlier this year I had the most lovely getaway with some of the coolest photography ladies in the biz. Not only did we stay in a beautiful coastal home, but we also collaborated with some local artists and models (okay, they're not models, they're actually real people who are just so damn sexy), and during sunset we created some magic.

Cheers to all the vendors who made this shoot possible: Historic Reed House, pistils + stamen, Zoe Cope Jewelry, Kirstie Wight, Makeup Artist, Diamond Sea Bridal Gowns

Stacey + Pascal // SE Portland Engagement Session

Clock_dark over 3 years ago

Madison + Cody // Cape Kiwanda Engagement Session

Clock_dark over 3 years ago

Sometimes the light, the people and the location are absolute perfection...

and I just love these two for spending the evening with me climbing sand dunes and ducking under fences to get the perfect shot.

Elise + Casey // Eastern Gorge Engagement Session

Clock_dark over 3 years ago

Days like these are what keep me motivated.

Going on an adventure with two people in love and exploring a small part of the epic landscape the Pacific Northwest provides.

Fresh air, mountain climbs and just the right amount of cliff-edge danger.

The freedom to explore births the best possible photographs, plus these two adventurers now feel like good friends.

Nicole + Jeremy // Engaged

Clock_dark almost 4 years ago

It turns out, a frozen waterfall makes for a damn fine backdrop.

Rachel + Glyndon // Downtown Portland Engagement Session

Clock_dark over 4 years ago

A hotel room, a bottle of champagne, a walk around the city and two people in love. Sometimes the simplest idea can produce the most heartfelt images. Plus, these two are just so much fun.

See you in Bellingham in August, R+G!

Erin + Freddie // Wahclella Falls Engagement Session

Clock_dark over 4 years ago

Wahclella is one of my favorite hikes in the Columbia River Gorge, so I was thrilled when Erin and Freddie were excited to adventure out there for their engagement shoot.

These two are just such lovely people, and they were even more awesome for getting into the freezing cold creek. I'm stoked to shoot their wedding in 2015.

Linda + Patrick // Vernonia Mill Engagement Session (plus a little pinball)

Clock_dark over 4 years ago

Oh man... what can I say about these two other than they are just completely rad. When I first met them, and we discussed engagement photos, I kept picturing graffiti and an abandoned building. So, you can imagine how delighted I was when I discovered this incredible old mill in the town of Vernonia. I was even more thrilled when Linda and Patrick agreed to drive out there with me to take their photographs. I think one word sums it up: magic.

It's also important to note that these two are avid pinball players, and this game has been a huge part of their bonding experience. After the mill, we all grabbed a beer and I photographed them in their natural element.. in front of a pinball machine.

I can only imagine how much fun I'm going to have with them on their wedding day this October. Ladies and gentlemen.. Linda and Patrick.

Kara + Pete // Columbia River Gorge Engagement Session

Clock_dark over 4 years ago

It's not too often you get client's who will go on a hike, climb thousands of feet, and get pretty for photos along the way. This day with these two lovely people will forever be one of my favorites.

A huge thank you to Green Wedding Shoes for featuring this beautiful engagement session! Check it out here.