Christy Cassano-Meyer, Wedding & Lifestyle Photography

Saint Valentine's Brunch

Clock_dark about 5 years ago

This gorgeous photo shoot was a creative collaboration between myself, Judith Edwards, a floral designer/party stylist extraordinaire, and the incredibly talented Kassandra Sommerville of The Ginger Suite Salon. It took months of planning and had tons of DIY details (check out those ombre dyed curtains and napkins!). Judith described her vision for the event perfectly...

The vibe will be nostalgic and whimsical, as though the six of us woke up from a lovely night of beauty sleep and haven't a care in the world, and thus are content to lounge in our luxurious nightgowns all the livelong day.

Honestly, that is precisely what the day felt like.

If you would like to get a sense of how much hard work and care went into this event, check out the Pinterest board Judith and I created while we were in the planning stage. Also, a huge thanks to the lovely ladies who modeled for the event.