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Cori + Evan // Italian Countryside Wedding at a Tuscan Villa

Clock_dark over 1 year ago

Whoa. This wedding.

There really is so much I can say about these beautiful people and this incredible day that it's difficult to know where to begin.

I've known Cori and Evan for years, and I adore them both, so being invited to Tuscany to shoot their intimate wedding felt like a bit of a dream come true.

A few dozen of their closest friends and family flew out to Italy, and we spent the first few days sipping champagne by the pool, exploring the villa grounds and all becoming great friends. By the time their wedding day rolled around, we were all so relaxed. The day felt personal and heartfelt, and oh man did we eat so much Italian food. Plus, a dinner with never-ending wine leads to one hell of a dance party.

So congratulations to these two, and one million thank you's for flying me across the world to capture it.