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Andrew + Kate // Southern California Desert Wedding

Clock_dark over 1 year ago

I've been sitting on these photos for awhile, and now that I'm blogging them I'm really wondering why.*

These two!! Oh my goodness... They got married about an hour north of LA at a desert museum in Santa Clarita. If the scenery wasn't spectacular enough, their cowboy boots and bolo ties and slightly steampunk bridal party made the day incredibly interesting to photograph. Not to mention, they had a hawk fly the rings down the aisle. Seriously.

I think the best part, aside from all the coolness mentioned above, was really that they are two of the nicest people I've had the honor to spend the day with. So, congratulations again to these two creative, compelling humans! More weddings like this, please.

*Probably because it's Summer, and I'm shooting all the time, but now I'm remembering how incredible this wedding was.

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