We left it! The much-anticipated brand new year is nowhere. It is time to depart the weight of 2020 behind us and start fresh with new business ideas, new initiatives, and new approaches to reach the floor running in 2021. This season more than ever people are anxious to begin on a fresh sheet of paper. Even though there might still be challenges in 2021, the ideal way to put up yourself to your new year would be to begin on a top note.

Just just how do you hit the floor running in 2021? 1 way is by simply putting together effective marketing campaigns. The further tailored the marketing campaigns will be for your viewers, the more effective they’ll be. Within this report, we are going to have a peek at both candidate and client email campaigns you may run to start the year off strong and put a good base for the rest of the year!

Client Efforts for Recruiters

There are two different types of customer campaign initiatives we’ll have a peek at. The first initiative will soon be reaching out to the greatest performing customers in 2020 and the next will target prospective customers in high-performing businesses.

Reaching Out to Top heeled Customers in 2020

In case you missed our post last month, “Naughty or Nice? Staffing Reports which should Be on Your Nice List at 2021,” I ask that you test it out since the report discusses crucial reports you need to reference to ascertain your highest performing customers in 2020. These are customers that you would like to remain near the new year as they’re bringing in the most revenue and occupation orders.

As soon as you have the record of your greatest performing customers, construct a customer contact pipeline on your CRM and gather an email template. Considering these are contacts you’re in close contact with, send a plain text mail to the recruiter or your contact in your staffing business that’s been in contact with them. A plain text mail is going to feel more personal than the usual normal marketing email in the corporation.


From the email you can just wish them a happy new year and tell them you’re all set to help fill job requests should they have any recent requirements or see some needs in the not too distant future. The email message does not need to be extended, but something brief that includes a brand new year greeting and reveals you’re prepared and excited to help fill job requests in 2021. If you do not hear back in a couple of days, follow-up using a telephone call to test in. An effort as straightforward as this is going to keep you at the very top of the thoughts of your greatest performing customers and even bring in a couple of new occupation orders to begin the year!

Targeting High-Performing Industries

The following kind of effort aims at prospective customers in businesses doing nicely. This is where you may use the search abilities on your CRM to hunt for customers you are not doing business within high-performing businesses, for example, food/alcohol/grocery, medical staff/device, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, delivery solutions, trucking/railroad, etc. Dependent on the businesses you’re seeking to target; you could construct a contact pipeline by business and make your own campaigns. Each effort ought to be tailored towards the business for it to be effective.

You are going to wish to think about a catchy subject line that will draw the receiver into your own email. The further tailored it’s to the market, the more inclined they will open it whenever they believe it is related to them. Some examples include, “How to Do We Assist Staff Your Own Nurses in 2021?” Or”Locate Drivers Quicker in 2021 with YOUR COMPANY NAME.”

In the body of the email, include selling things to function with your organization. This is sometimes accomplished through reviews, a case study using a customer, an infographic that includes stats boosting why they ought to associate with you, etc. You might even cause a downloadable whitepaper of why they ought to partner with you to their staffing requirements versus another staffing firm. The further tailored this material is by business, the greater. If you do not have the capacity to customize everything by business, personalize it as far as possible so the receiver could connect to it. Furthermore, if there are frequent pain points you frequently here about staffing at the business, attempt to tackle them at the content you’re supplying and notice how working together with your staffing business will solve those pain points.

Both of these customer campaigns target businesses that are performing well. By starting the year working closely together with your greatest performing customers and targeting potential customers in large performing businesses, it is possible to help set up yourself to get a powerful 2021.

Candidate Efforts for Recruiters

We’ll next have a peek at two candidate attempts. The first effort will aim at candidates you have been connected with within the previous 6 weeks and the next effort will target candidates that you have not been in contact with for 6 weeks or longer.

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